Why Should We Live For Today?

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"Because every new day is a new opportunity. I’ve been blessed to have certain things and be in certain positions because I have tried to see each new day as a new opportunity to perfect my craft and improve as an overall person."  — Efe Scott-Emuakpor, CEO & Co-Founder

“Anything in life worth having is going to be hard, it’s going to be tough. Whatever dreams you have and goals, start taking action TODAY!” — Darnell Smith, COO & Co-Founder

“I have so many dreams and goals that I want to achieve, that I try to spend every moment attempting to accomplish them.” — Maria Tanasescu | IG: @mariatanasescu_

“In the midst of tragedy or disappointment if we remain positive and live for today for the people we love, we are going to see a bigger blessing.” — Emily Brown | IG: @jebsmomma

“The reason why I live for today is because tomorrow’s not promised, so you have to make the best out of every opportunity that you get.” — Jeff Mayfield | IG: @mr.jeffmayfield

“My why, especially in crazy times like we are all currently experiencing (COVID-19 Pandemic), is just to be there for the people that depend on me.” — Ashley Kines | IG: @ashleykines

“My ‘Why’ is that I definitely have a greater purpose. I have this beautiful ability and blessing to reframe my brain and look at things in a different light.”Cheeno | IG: @queeno_cheeno

“I know that my ‘Why’ is never wanting to look back and know I played it safe. There’s a lot of boring and unauthentic things out there. Love hard, have fun, tell God thank you and maximize the talents he’s given you.” — Allison Luthman  | IG: @allisonluthman

“I feel like you never know who’s blessing you are, or who you’re inspiring.” — Star Aponte | IG: @star_ee_eyes

“In my life I’ve gone through ups and downs and it’s been very unclear why it’s happening and where God is in my life; we have to remember Faith, Hope, and Love, and that we are created on purpose and for a purpose.” — Lisa Miyamoto | IG: @mrs.miyamoto

“My why isn’t my job or my accomplishments, it’s my faith and my family. It’s who I’m surrounded by and always making sure we are building each other up.” — Morgan Young  | IG: @_therealmoyo

“The reason why I keep going and pushing myself is because I want to live my life without any regrets and I know I can do that if I live in the present moment every day and give my everything all the time.” — Teo Tanasescu | IG: teo.tanasescu