Why Should We Live For Today?

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"Because every new day is a new opportunity. I’ve been blessed to have certain things and be in certain positions because I have tried to see each new day as a new opportunity to perfect my craft and improve as an overall person."  — Efe Scott-Emuakpor, CEO & Co-Founder

“Anything in life worth having is going to be hard, it’s going to be tough. Whatever dreams you have and goals, start taking action TODAY!” — Darnell Smith, COO & Co-Founder

“I have so many dreams and goals that I want to achieve, that I try to spend every moment attempting to accomplish them.” — Maria Tanasescu

“In the midst of tragedy or disappointment if we remain positive and live for today for the people we love, we are going to see a bigger blessing.” — Emily Brown

“The reason why I live for today is because tomorrow’s not promised, so you have to make the best out of every opportunity that you get.” — Jeff Mayfield | IG: @mr.jeffmayfield

“My why, especially in crazy times like we are all currently experiencing (COVID-19 Pandemic), is just to be there for the people that depend on me.” — Ashley Kines

“My ‘Why’ is that I definitely have a greater purpose. I have this beautiful ability and blessing to reframe my brain and look at things in a different light.”

“I know that my ‘Why’ is never wanting to look back and know I played it safe. There’s a lot of boring and unauthentic things out there. Love hard, have fun, tell God thank you and maximize the talents he’s given you.” — Allison Luthman  | IG: @allisonluthman

“I feel like you never know who’s blessing you are, or who you’re inspiring.” 

“In my life I’ve gone through ups and downs and it’s been very unclear why it’s happening and where God is in my life; we have to remember Faith, Hope, and Love, and that we are created on purpose and for a purpose.” — Lisa Miyamoto

“My why isn’t my job or my accomplishments, it’s my faith and my family. It’s who I’m surrounded by and always making sure we are building each other up.” — Morgan Young 

“The reason why I keep going and pushing myself is because I want to live my life without any regrets and I know I can do that if I live in the present moment every day and give my everything all the time.” — Teo Tanasescu