Who Motivates You?

Over the past year (2020-2021), everyone has had to deal with challenges and obstacles. We all had to adopt new and creative methods of living everyday life. Check out the different responses to the question "who motivates you?" Join us in answering this question! Tag us on Instagram @LFTClothingBrand and use the hashtag #MotivateLFT.

“I just feel blessed to be in a position where I might be motivating them, but they really motivate me to continue to grow and just be better in every way, shape, or form.” - Efe Scott-Emuakpor (CEO & Co-Founder) on the athletes he coaches

“The one group that truly motivates me are my peers, whether that’s in the media space or the business space. There’s so many people that are in both fields who have elevated within their careers over the last year, even through the tough times and individually within their own personal lives.” - Darnell Smith, COO & Co-Founder

“There are so many people in my life, that I look up to, who motivate me. BUT what truly motivates me is becoming the best sports broadcaster to ever do it. Not only because it’s what I love to do, but because it positions me best to reach the ultimate goal... TAKE CARE OF EVERYONE I LOVE. My dreams, goals, and aspirations are more than just about me... I have people that are counting on me. That’s my motivation 🌴” - Max Van Auken | IG: @max_van_auken